Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my blog All Things Wedding. I am so excited to be creating my first wedding blog because it is one of my biggest passions. Even though I have never been in a wedding, had my own wedding, or help plan a wedding I still love them.

I am currently a college student at Southeastern University and will be graduating in 2014 with a degree in Journalism and Public Relations. My dream is to be a wedding planner which is one reason I have started this blog. I am no expert, but I hopefully will be someday.

My goal for this year is to land an internship in NY over the summer and learn as much as possible about weddings.

By the way, did I mention I LOVE weddings! Many of you may be thinking that I am pretty into weddings even though I do not know much about them, but don’t worry I already have mine all planned out! You can check out my board on Pinterest.

I want all the feedback and constructive criticisms you have for me as I discuss everything about weddings from the location to the little things.

I hope you all find my blog interesting and exciting. I will try my best to appeal to everyone (except the guys may have a little difficulty) but any who here it is…All Things Wedding. ENJOY!


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