Calendar Countdown to the Big Day

Planning for your big day can bring on a lot of stress and exhaustion. You want to make sure that everything is ready and perfect. There is always that one little thing, or should I say rather big thing, that you forget about.

As a soon to be wedding planner, I want all of my clients to have a perfect wedding day with as little stress as possible. It is my job to remember all the details and make sure every piece is where it is supposed to be.

Moving in steps towards my career has been a big project, but one piece I have put together I did especially for my clients. It is a detailed calendar of what you should be working on when it comes to your wedding. It starts off with months then moves to weeks and finally days.

I collected my information from the Westchester Wedding Planner magazine as well as the Bridal Guide.

Click on the link below to view the calendar. For any questions please comment or E-mail me at

Katelyn Elizabeth Weddings Calendar


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