Ensure You Have A Fun Bachelorette Party



Have you ever wondered where you should have your bachelorette party? It is your last night out with all of your girls as a single lady and of course you want to make it special. There are many things you can do and many places you can go to have a great time.

Jessica Valdes, a newlywed, had difficulty in deciding where to go for her bachelorette party, but she knew one thing…she wanted to try something new.

Valdes did not have much planned out for her venue and decided to just go with the flow and go to dinner and country line dancing. She decided to have her bachelorette party at the Dallas Bull, a popular country club in Tampa and the surrounding area.


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Before Valdes and her girls went out for the night they had a lovely dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen. At dinner they played a popular bachelorette card game which involved guessing what the bride-to-be would like most or would most likely do. Laughter filled the air as answers were being shouted out.cards

Following dinner they drove over to the Dallas Bull for country line dancing. They showed up a little too early, but this gave them time to get accustom to the atmosphere. It was out of everyone’s element but “it was fun trying something new,” said Valdes. They all had to learn the basic steps and get loose.

Erika Valdes, the maid of honor and sister of Jessica Valdes, said that her favorite part was “being together with my family and seeing my sister get loose and have fun the day before she got married.”

Tiffany Thenor, a newlywed and bridesmaid of Jessica Valdes, also attended the bachelorette party and she liked that there was a “lingerie shower the same night as the bachelorette party because it was convenient for all of the girls.”

The bachelorette party ended with all the girls sleeping over. The party would continue into the next day decorating for the wedding and getting their nails and toes done.

There were a few things, according to Erika Valdes, that every bride-to-be should do for her bachelorette party.

“The first thing that anyone should do is plan. Don’t just show up somewhere and expect a party. It may turn out to be a dud,” said Erika Valdes.

Erika Valdes also suggested taking a lot of pictures because it will be a day you will want to remember and look back on. The last piece of advice from Erika Valdes was to “just have fun. Don’t worry about looking silly.” Being silly is the best part of being at a party. Loosen up and be you.

Other ideas about different venues from these women were: a beach bar, spa, road trip, or cruise. There are plenty of other places to go for your bachelorette party as well. You can check out more ideas here.




Just remember to plan ahead, take pictures, and have fun with all of your girls on your last single day.




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