On A Budget?…You Can Still Make Your Wedding Look Like A Million Dollars

Many women, who plan their wedding on a low budget, are worried that their wedding will look cheap. I am here to tell you that there are many things that you can do to make your wedding look like a million dollars from decorations to entertainment.

Here are a few ways that you can cut down your budget but make sure that the wedding still runs smoothly and looks great:

  1. Your DJ. 
  2. Your decorations.
  3. Your favors.
  4. Your photographer.

For your DJ, you can use programs on your computer and do it yourself. One program that I know of is Spotify. Do not wait to the last minute to do this because you will have to think of all the songs. Get the premium version so you have no commercials and just add songs to your playlist. Have a family friend volunteer to make sure everything runs smoothly. This will be a lot cheaper than a DJ and you get to pick your own songs.

For your decorations, you can make pretty much all of them. If your wedding is outside you can build your own arch. If you want to have a photo booth you can make that too whether it’s more shabby chic or simple. You can also make your own centerpieces, table numbers, and much more. Just be creative! 1-16-12-piper_0072-copy

For your favors, you do not want anything too big and expensive so turn to Pinterest. They have a lot of ideas from homemade preserves for a more rustic wedding to making your own mini wine bottles.


The last thing that you can do to cut back and still have a great wedding is on your photographer. They can be really expensive and this decision is all up to you. You can pay to have a really nice photographer or you can count on some of your guest to take great pictures and send them to you through Facebook or Instagram. You can even make your own hash-tag.


Pictures last you a lifetime so you may want to pay for a photographer for the ceremony and then have your friends for the reception and cut back just a little.

Also check out my Pinterest for more decoration ideas!

I hope these tips may help you and any feedback on what you would like to hear more about would be greatly appreciated.


[Note: Photo credits belong to: The Wedding Cafe, A Low Country Wedding, and Forever Vintage Rentals]



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