Want Your Wedding To Stand Out?…Try Something Different

I think every woman wants their wedding to be special and different even if they don’t want to admit it. Many of us have been to tons of weddings in our life and we have seen the best and the worst, so you think how could you top that?

There are several things that you can do to make your wedding different or unique. (In a good way of course).

guest book 1

One thing that comes to my mind is the guest book. Most weddings just have a sign in book, nothing too special…here is your opportunity. Make it special!

Here are some interesting guest book ideas that you may want to try. Have guests sign:

  • Jenga pieces. Use the game later and remember all those favorite guests of yours.
  • Their initials on the date of their birthday in a calendar. Now you have everyone’s birthday!
  • Stones. Keep the stones in a pretty vase and display in your new home.
  • Their initials next to their favorite Bible verse.
  • A photo album with pictures of your engagement.
  • A homemade sign, but have them sign with their thumbprint and initials.
  • A quilt. This is great for larger weddings with a lot of guests.

guest bookguest book 2



This is just one way to spice up your wedding, but there are plenty of other unique things you can do. For example, the table numbers, decorations, and favors. I will be posting more about these soon!

I would love to hear feedback of some things what women want to know more about out there.

Credits for photographs belong to: Weddings at Edison Ford and The Plunge Project.


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